Overcome Dental Anxiety In Sherman Oaks

NuCalm with a Van Nuys dentist 91423Because Dr. Bjornbak is your Los Angeles sedation dentist, he is happy to offer a variety of sedation dentistry treatments so every one of his patients can be anxiety free at the dentist. As one of his sedation dentistry treatments, Dr. Bjornback uses NuCalm, which can provide you with a calming solution unlike any other you may have tried.

The NuCalm Difference

When you get ready to go to sleep, several physical and mental processes come into play. As you think about the day you’ve had, you begin to let those thoughts go. As you begin to relax, your body feels heavy, calm, and ready to rest. Soon, you breathe deeply and fall asleep. That first state of sleep, that relaxing, warm, quiet peace called Alpha sleep, is what NuCalm provides.

NuCalm’s process gives you such a relaxing experience that though you are sitting in a dental chair, you may feel no anxiety. You may not even be aware that you are getting any dental treatments. NuCalm gives you the same sort of relaxing feeling you may get when you are at a spa! Think of it! Being at the dentist with no anxiety or fears! And an added bonus to this relaxing treatment is it actually provides a sense of balance and feeling of wellness for hours and even days after your NuCalm treatment. The tension in your shoulders, neck and upper back may often be gone for days after!

How Does NuCalm Work?

There are four components to the NuCalm relaxation process, which takes about 3-5 minutes to take effect.

    conquer dental anxiety with a Sherman Oaks dentist 91423

  1. First you will be given dietary supplements formulated to counter adrenaline.
  2. Microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind each ear. These also help you relax.
  3. You will place headphones on. Through them you receive neuroacoustic software, combined with soothing music. This causes your brainwave pace to enter the Alpha phase of sleep.
  4. Finally, you wear light-blocking eye masks to block any visual estimation and keep your Alpha phase sleep stage consistent.

Along with the fantastic NuCalm system, if you feel like you need an added relaxation method, Dr. Bjornbak can provide an oral sedation (pill) treatment at his Sherman Oaks practice.

Call us today about NuCalm and let us partner with you so you can experience your dental visits anxiety-free if you are in the Los Angeles area, from Sherman Oaks to Van Nuys!