IV Sedation

Intravenous Sedation For Dental Fear In Los Angeles

Does the idea of going to the dentist make you anxious or downright uncomfortable? Have you gone to the dentist before and found it to be excruciatingly unpleasant?

These concerns are the reason why Dr. Bjornbak offers several different dental sedation methods to his patients in Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys. One he will offer you is IV sedation.

IV Sedation is one that has several advantages:

    IV sedation and intravenous sedation for dental fear in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks

  • It can give many patients relief who have tried other sedation methods with less than effective results another option.
  • IV sedation can give you the maximum level of sedation compared to oral conscious sedation.
  • This is a very effective method if you have moderate to very severe dental anxiety.
  • IV sedation works quickly. Because it is introduced intravenously, you may start feeling its effects within a few minutes if not faster.
  • IV sedation has the very desirable advantage of being able to adjust the dose and sedation level. If you don’t feel relaxed quickly enough, Dr. Bjornbak can monitor that and adjust your dosage so you can be at the level of relaxation you’d like.
  • One of the largest benefits of IV sedation is once it has stopped being administered, it can leave your system quickly.
  • As with other sedation methods, your gag reflex diminishes as you relax.
  • The focus of IV sedation isn’t to have you fall asleep. It merely is to relax you. You can be conscious during your entire procedure, just relaxed.
  • Dr. Bjornbak can often combine several procedures in one appointment because you are less tense. This saves you time!

Because helping you feel comfortable and calm during your dental visits is so important to us, Dr. Bjornbak and his friendly, well-trained team are ready to help you get the comfort you need so you can get the smile of your dreams! Call us today and let us partner with you to bring you a comfortable dental experience if you are in the Los Angeles area, including Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys!