How Does Dental Sedation Work?

Conscious Sedation Options In Los Angeles

At The Los Angeles Center for Sedation Dentistry in Sherman Oaks, sedation dentist Dr. Bjornbak uses a variety of methods to provide relaxing, calming dental care for the nervous patient. Each method is carefully chosen based upon discussions with the patient and their needs and desires for anxiety-free dentistry.

nitrous oxide sedation with a Sherman Oaks dentist 91423Relaxation Dentistry

The first level of sedation dentistry doesn’t involve drugs at all—it’s the calming atmosphere of our dental office near Sherman Oaks, California, and the attentive care of our team. We don’t rush our patients, taking time to listen to their concerns and answering any questions they have to reduce their anxiety. Our amenities, including music and acupressure, also help people to relax in our office.

NuCalm conscious sedation in Sherman Oaks and Van NuysAnti-Anxiety Treatments

Dr. Bjornbak, your favorite sedation dentist, offers a variety of sedation dentistry treatments so every patient he treats can be calm and comfortable during their visits here. One of the revolutionary and effective sedation dentistry treatments Dr. Bjornbak offers is NuCalm. NuCalm comprises of several calming procedures including vitamin supplements that can subdue your adrenaline. Then, headphones with calming music and dark glasses are put on to limit outside stimulation. These combined components help you feel as if you are in the first stage of sleep, which can be a calm, quiet, relaxing feeling. We offer this revolutionary treatment NuCalm combined with the anti anxiety medication Valium that can give you the level of relaxation you need during your visits here.

oral sedation with a Sherman Oaks dentist Van Nuys CAOral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation is a popular method for patients looking for a deeper state of relaxation. The oral sedation process is simple. An hour before the appointment, the patient will take a small pill called Triazolam. This medicine is a safe, quick-acting sedative similar to Valium. Because it causes drowsiness, the patient will need to be driven to the appointment by someone. Upon arrival, the patient is immediately conducted to a comfortable room where the patient’s vitals will be continuously monitored as the dental work is done. Depending on the amount of work being done, the sedative will wear off in two to six hours.

IV sedation with a Van Nuys dentist Sherman OaksIV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry has proven helpful for patients with high dental anxiety because it makes the patient forget the whole experience. This positive side-effect paves the way for future dental work because the pain of the last visit will be forgotten. The sedative given intravenously is not a narcotic designed to dull pain, but it is an anti-anxiety drug that helps the patient relax more deeply than with oral sedation. Another advantage of IV sedation dentistry is how easily the exact and perfect amount for each patient can be given. The disadvantages of IV sedation dentistry include the cost, the possibility that the IV site could become inflamed, and the need to have someone drive you home after the procedure.

If you have any questions about how our dental sedation options work, please give us a call today at our Sherman Oaks office! Dr. Bjornbak is happy to provide these services to everyone in the Los Angeles area, including Van Nuys!

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