Sedation Dentistry makes getting dental work easy. Let Dr. Bjornbak be your fear-free sedation dentist.

sedation dentistry for dental anxiety with a sedation dentist in Los Angeles Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys

At the Los Angeles Center for Sedation Dentistry near Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks, hundreds of dental patients have been able to overcome their fears to receive vital oral care, restoring health and achieving beautiful smiles.

Van Nuys sedation dentist Dr. Michael Bjornbak’s certified skill and experience in providing a full compliment of sedation techniques means that patients can receive the most appropriate calming treatments for their dental anxiety.

To make you comfortable and relaxed during your visits with us, we offer the following treatments:

We will partner with you to help you decide with option is best for you. Our goal is to help you feel as relaxed as possible.

If your fear of needles, strong gag reflex, or general dental anxiety is causing you to postpone needed dental care, make an appointment today with Los Angeles area sedation dentist Dr. Michael Bjornbak and discover the difference sedation dentistry can have in giving you a fear-free dental experience.

Along with his sedation dentistry, Dr. Bjornbak offers a wide array of dental treatments, from beautiful dental implants to Invisalign clear braces! Take a look at our main dentistry website to learn about what types of treatments we offer along with dental sedation!

Common Questions about Sedation Dentistry

  • Amnesia
    Will I remember anything?
  • Safety
    How safe is dental sedation?
  • Gagging
    How does sedation dentistry stop gagging?
  • Insurance
    Will my insurance cover sedation dentistry?
  • Medications
    What drugs are used in sedation dentistry?
  • Recovery
    How quickly does dental sedation wear off? Can I go back to work?
  • Side Effects
    Are there any side effects of sedation dentistry?
  • Smoking
    Can smokers be sedated?
  • Types of Sedation
    What dental sedation techniques are available?

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Patients Talk about Sedation Dentistry

Learn how LA sedation dentist Dr. Bjornbak has helped so many overcome their fears of going to the dentist.

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